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Fashion film for AMDK

There’s always a hard work standing behind successful brand’s promotion. Most of the time that kind of promotion is tied with serious creative restrictions linked with the big company’s name and reputation. A totally different story, when there are people behind those brands, which made their names by the absence of any taboos.

Publication date: 12.12.2017

Collaboration with the famous, outrageous photographer, artist and designer Darren Kane, which works is usually a 18+ material, was that kind of an experience for the GBP agency

While promoting the artist’s AMDK clothing brand our specialists shot a short fashion video, reflecting the company’s creative spirit that is standing on the border of an urban counterculture, sexuality and high fashion. We wrote a screenplay for the video, used original soundtrack and have invited special guests, including a famous in Latvian singer Markus Riva. The video was directed by one of the agency’s CEO’s Illarion Bessonov.