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Cellina Quenty

Exclusive distribution is always an originality based on a quality and a famous name. It is always a status surrounded by elegance and a sense of special, hard-to-get pageantry. Double all that, when it is exclusive clothing we are talking about.

Publication date: 26.09.2016

However, if tailoring techniques and final product’s quality is a result of the master’s work, the brand name itself, and its recognition is the work of other professionals. GBP agency did exactly that, while working with Cellina Quenty a talented French fashion designer.

During the course of the project, agency’s specialists have conducted an extensive work on creating and promoting the eponymous brand of Cellina Quenty. Apart from else, the job included creation of the website, labels, brochures as well as shop design. Needless to say that now Cellina Quenty’s name is widely known and her brand is quite successful in Russia.