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Юбилейное - post production for "Stink", Moscow

It is widely known, that any advertisement works as a face of a company. A face that should look as much as attractive and unique as it is possible. The most affordable, most convenient, highest quality – these are the standard messages of modern advertisement. Or, for example, most delicious, as it were supposed to sound in case of “Yubilejnoe” – Russian biscuits, which are manufactured by S. Siu and Co.

Publication date: 15.11.2016

The main idea of an advertising video, which was made by GBP agency for "Stink" advertising agency, was lightness and softness. The main idea was to show the creation of biscuits by the nature itself – soft wind that was mixing ingredients, giving birth to unique taste of the famous biscuits.

Filming most of the material took place in Italy, followed by hard work on the post processing. Almost every second of the video has an additional element in it, made as CGI. Soaring spikes, seeds, berries, swirl - each object was shot from a different angle and inserted separately, which made the final video look as realistic as possible.