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Пекарь - post Production for "НЕБО", St. Pitersburg

According to research, use of animals in advertising is one of the most common and effective methods of attracting attention. In a way, a human being is literally programmed to like animals – those fluffy, big-eyed creatures with whom he successfully coexisted for thousands of years.

Publication date: 15.11.2016

It is not a surprise, that advertisers around the world often use animals to promote their products or services. It could be a real animal or computer generated, as it was in a Russian biscuit “Baker: Happy Day" commercial, which was partly made by GBP agency’s specialists.

During the course of the project, our team was literally teaching a raccoon to speak. To make the animal as realistic as possible the agency has been working on lipsync and eyes. The raccoon itself was assembled from various fragments and takes. His hat was fully made with the use of CGI.