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Slim - letnjaja

Many critics have noted the amazing style and atmosphere of a Russian rap artist Slim’s music. In the eyes of fans and connoisseurs the musician became sort of a lyrical hero, a purebred rapper, whose words can really touch a men’s heart.

Publication date: 26.09.2016

During our work with Slim, we have taken up the task of visually representing musician’s artistic personality. As a result, new official music video for “Summer” had more than 2 million views on YouTube. Work on the music video has been fourth agency’s collaboration with the musician.

The music video, which is filled with lyrical style and special effects, was made by the GBP agency from beginning to its end. The job included screenwriting, filming and postproduction. Given the specificity of the project, one of founders of the agency Illarion Bessonov personally directed the shooting.