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Saying social networks and search engine optimization are great tools for advertisement is like saying that a hammer is good for hammering nails; it is a modern axiom – basic self-evident truth that does not need any proof. Literally every success-oriented company, regardless of size, just cannot do without using these means.

Publication date: 15.01.2019

And that simplicity of understanding for potential clients is exactly what formed the basis of a new webpage for Devil Sharks – company, that brought new digital social life to numerous renowned companies. There's nothing redundant on the webpage, just elegant minimalism adorned with words of professionals and GPB agency’s videos.

It must be pointed out that the Devil Sharks is an affiliated company of GPB. That if why requirements for the webpage were high as ever. When the promotion expert advertises himself there is absolutely no place for errors. You can be sure that the employer was pleased. Just as it is every time at the end of the GPB agency’s projects.