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My Country 2020

A rare smartphone gamer doesn’t get heavily excited hearing about the release of Game Insight’s new production. However, only few people aware that a wide known company famous for its beautiful android games was established only six years ago.

Publication date: 06.12.2016

Much has been done during this time. Apart from else, the success of company’s promotion required high-quality advertising – a job, which was partly done by GBP agency’s hands. The creation of My Country: 2020 trailer is a perfect example of such work.

The trailer was made as a joint product of GBP agency and InnoWate. The main task was to finish the project within the shortest possible time. As a result, the job was finished in ten days. During that time GBP agency’s specialists were “drawing” the graphics as well as editing the final product. It is worth mentioning, that the game itself became a hit and was downloaded several million times.